Would you care to find out our menu? Make your choice. Seriously With Smartcom I, you simply order up what you would like to accomplish. The program guides you along the way. You may produce, list, name, send, get, print or erase files ideal in the menu. From the extremely initial time you use it, you'll locate telecomputing with Hayes as simple as apple pie! We've got your quantity! We realize that you want a method that's flexible and accommodating. That's why Smartcom I is so versatile, accepting ProDOS? DOS 3.three, Pascal and CPM? operating systems. It offers you with a directory of all the files stored in your disk. And in combination together with your Hayes modem, Smartcom I answers calls for your system, without the need of your even being there.

Your Apple's telephone goes anywhere the phone lines go. Hayes modems enable your Apple to communicate with any Bell-103 form modem more than ordinary telephone lines. You basically connect straight into a modular phone jack to perform each Touch-Tone? and pulse dialing breitling swiss replica omega watch copies . Hayes Smartmodem 300 and Micromodem lie each transmit at 110 or 300 bits per second, in either half or complete duplex replica watches rolex .

Follow the leader. More than the years we've constructed our reputation because the telecomputing leader by creating quality goods that set market requirements. Now we invite you to see for yourself just how uncomplicated it really is to add powerful, simple to use telecomputing capabilities for your Apple pc having a complete, ready-to-go method from Hayes. Visit your Hayes dealer for any hands-on demonstration. And get on line together with the globe.

Hayes. We're here to help.


Hayes Microcomputer Items, Inc.

5923 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Norcross.

cheap rolex replica watches "My Apple's telephone just named up the household workplace!" (Jul, 1984)

This was the first modem I got for my Apple IIc. I recall becoming crushed when I tried to log in to a specific bulletin board method and it came back with: "300 baud? Yeah correct, come back when you're at the least at 1200."

"My Apple's phone just named up the house workplace!"

The fascinating globe of telecomputing. Using a Hayes program, you simply plug it in! Communicating is so easy with a complete telecomputing technique from Hayes. Hayes Smartmodem 300? is a direct-connect modem for the new Apple IIc. Hayes Micromodem IIe installs simply in an expansion slot within the Apple II, IIe, III and Apple Plus. Packaged with Smartcom I? companion software, each are total systems. Very best of all, both systems are from Hayes, the established telecomputing leader. Just plug in-and the globe is your Apple!

We connect you to all of the ideal places. Bulletin boards, databases, data services-naturally. And that is just the starting. Let your Apple program your travel itinerary, such as flight numbers, hotel and rental auto reservations. Watch it retrieve and analyze each day stock and selections rates. Perform at house and send reports to and from your workplace. You could even do your gift buying by personal computer!

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