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FASTART SDN. BHD. has today set out its Objective and Mission to be the most efficient maintenance Service Provider, thereby contributing to more cost-effective delivery system in the Oil and Gas industry


Fastart Sdn Bhd was incorporated in August 1997 and was actively involved in the timber and construction industry. Since early 2003, the company has undergone a total management revamp and since then, it has focused itself towards the oil and gas sector, downstream and upstream. Its re-engineering exercise towards oil and gas industry was basically propelled by a pool of several capabled, trained and experienced Bumiputera personnel in management, accounting and technical fields in various sectors of the oil and gas industry.


It was first initiated to provide materials supply and technical support, especially skilled manpower in the various maintenance programs for both onshore and offshore location/facilities in the oil and gas industry.

Today, it has grown to offer general and specialize services of which it has concentrated and build upon. For the last five years, the company has undertaken a wide range of projects both onshore and offshore.



For onshore works, we have successfully undertaken some civil construction works which includes building construction, maintenance and refurbishment, tank foundation, pipe rack and bridge maintenance works.



As for offshore activities, we have executed mostly top-side maintenance works that includes blasting and painting (using abseiling or conventional method), structural and piping works as well as provision of skilled manpower to assist in various maintenance works.


Currently, our clients include among others the main players in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries such as Petronas Carigali Sendirian Berhad, Sarawak Shell Berhad, Murphy Oil Company Limited and Nippon Oil Exploration Limited for Onshore Infrastructure and Offshore Top-Side Maintenance works.

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